NOBE (pronounced NOH’-bee or NOH'-bay) is a term that began use in 2012 by real estate agents to describe the area that spanned North Oakland, South Berkeley and East Emeryville. That collection of neighborhoods of "North Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville," has seen a raise in real estate prices. Included areas are Santa Fe, Gaskill, Longfellow, Golden Gate, and Bushrod Park. Parts of North Emeryville, Temescal and South Berkeley are also included by some. This term is not represented on any map showing the neighborhoods of Oakland. 

The Golden Gate neighborhood, part of "NOBE", was named in 1888 for its views of the Golden Gate (the entrance to the bay now spanned by the Golden Gate Bridge and obscured from view by development). The Golden Gate residents do not recognize the term NOBE.

Controversy over gentrification in this area continues as of mid-2013. Although "NOBE" has no actual influence over the area, it is disfavored by neighborhood activists who feel that traditional residents of the area are being forced out by increasing prices and development. Here are links for both sides of the discussion:



This video was made by a realtor about the  neighborhood then re-made by Phat Beets and Stop the Injunctions to discuss gentrification in Nobe.

About the Dispute: