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** indicates page exists, needs a picture or better/more pictures, or a picture of a different portion of the mural

EAST OAKLAND (East of High)




More west-ish

  • 11th and Union- many murals at former Cole School/School Police HQ
  • doty mural on the side of the underdog mural at 3rd and center (gk has bad pictures- this is the back of acala studios)
  • Jazz mural- 7th and center-ish (x from west oakland)
  • soundwave studios (2200 Wood Street)
  • Magnolia Wellness native plants and animals by Yulia of August Arts Studio (161 Adeline Street)
  • ** dan bortz wall- self-relfection, 5th at center- has page but needs better picture

  • United we Stand, Divided we fall- 8th x campbell (in a parking lot)
  • container mural that i thought i had a picture of** (somewhere in W Oakland)- now very faded
  • this mural by Lynnea Holland Weiss (west oakland somewhere)
  • and this one by lyneea holland weiss (west oakland)
  • Doty fence mural  Collective Garden at 3700 West St (this is a CC picture- okay to use)
  • Zentrum Motors (17th and Union)
  • ART GARDEN, 3446 Chester Street, Oakland. California Hotel Urban Farm (lots)
  • raccoon 5th and market
  • somewhere in west oakalnd (kufue figures)
  • Acala Studios- 3rd and center ish (indoors)**
  • old revolution cafe
  • Graffiti portion next to the 10th and willow woman


Murals that are gone but still need pictures

  • Dos Gallos (International at Seminary- gone) **
  • other side of 85th and international from Oakland Market- there was a mural there that has now been mostly painted over, may be able to find a picture
  • Queen of Sheba market had a mural that's now painted over (35th Ave)
  • the old diamond mural in the dimond (gone)
  • Use the imagination mural (now painted over) gk has pictures

  • better picture of justice for oscar mural (east 12th x 19th) (i think this is gone- so need to find older pictures)**
  • waves parking lot mural on 17th between Broadway and Franklin, closer to Broadway (gone)

  • 15th x harrison word mural (gone already!) (part of the ODB murals)

  • Love, Art & Music are the Universal Language Mural (mural is gone, need to find an old picture) (25th and MLK)

  • rest of the favianna mural (omca)**
  • old east side art alliance mural with zapatista
  • piece- tel @ 48th. (one of series of rotating murals. Use tag "Rise Above Mural")
  • Irot mural at 48 x tel (Use tag "Rise Above Mural")
  • Abstract Mural (19 & tel)** (this mural is either gone or the address is wrong as of 1/1/15)
  • Dave Young Kim Mural at Fire Station 4 1235 international (this mural is either gone or the address is wrong as of 1/1/15)
  • 22nd and international autobody (this mural is either gone or the address is wrong as of 1/1/15)

  • 389 Mandela Pkwy (fence that says "South Prescott" with an a's player)  (this mural is either gone or the address is wrong as of 1/1/15)
  • willow and mandela (this mural is either gone or the address is wrong as of 1/1/15)
  • Bonzo, Oh Well and GATS piece (gone)
  • golden pyramids- 17th and mlk
  • 7th and chester words fence (gone?)
  • racoon and friends- west and 26th
  • 7th and chester dancing people fence
  • Elements of Power mural (31 and MLK)
  • Parking lot 24th x tel (now gone- replaced by the And how are the children mural)

  • chinatown mural by dave young kim and luqman (already bombed over as of 11/10/14)- replaced by new tin's market mural- harrison btw 7th & 8th
  • the carpenter from the people of oakland**
  • The Binty Bint pieces that were up and then gone :( (no location)