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The Morris Plan Company was a financial company beginning in the 1910s. It was a national system with local franchises, based on the Morris Plan to make it easier for middle class people to get loans. 2

The Morris Plan Company of Oakland (also known as the Morris Plan Company of Alameda County) was formed in 1926, 4 and opened in 1927 at 473 - 12th Street. 5,6 It was active in Oakland through at least 1971. 12

A new building was constructed for them in 1931 at 1763 Broadway by Jacks E. Irvine, Inc. 1,7 The building was designed by William Knowles; Willis Lowe, on the board of directors, designed the interior. 7

In 1941, the Oakland and Berkeley branches merged with the San Francisco office and became the Morris Plan Company of California. F. A. Collman became president of the combined organization. 9,10 In 1945, they merged with First Industrial Loan Company of California; the merged companies had combined resources of $13,000,000. 11

Also in 1941, they took over the building next door, and Edward Foulkes did renovations to visually tie the two buildings together and redesign the new space for banking activities. 13

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In 1933, Dr. John Slavich was elected to the board of directors. He would later be mayor of Oakland. 8 Other people associated with the plan over the years include: Ira Abraham (1926-1931+), F. A. Collman (1927-1945+), Frank W. Frost (1927-1931+), Frank A. Fletcher (1926-1931+), John F. Hassler (1926-1931+), O. D. Jacoby (1926-1931+), Frank D. Moyer (1931), F. M. Ray (1926-1931+), Fred B. Richardson (1926-1931+), F. M. Tilden (1926-1931+), Charles H. J. Truman (1927-1931+), Henry Zentner (1931), Eugene B. Brower (1938-1946), Andrew Christ (1941-), Will Evans (1941-), Charles H. Sweet, D.D.S. (1941-), Russell L. Hovde (1936), Owen C. Carr (1935), William Cavalier (1927+), P. B. Williamson (1927), James Schlesinger (1926+),

Board of Directors (1931)

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Ira Abraham Attorney
F. A. Collman President
Frank W. Frost Capitalist
Frank A. Fletcher Secretary-Treasurer
John F. Hassler Vice-President and Cashier
Central National Bank
O. D. Jacoby President Golden West
Building and Loan Association
Willis Lowe Architect
Frank D. Moyer Executive Vice-President
F. M. Ray Chairman of the Board
Fred B. Richardson Vice-President and Cashier
First National Bank
F. M. Tilden President Tilden Lumber Co.
Charles H. J. Truman Truman Undertaking Co.
Henry Zentner Galii Fruit Co.

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