Montclair is a neighborhood in the Oakland hills which is part of the larger Montclair District.

It's a Greenstreets map area more than anything. It's also an Oakland colloquialism. When people say "Montclair" they may be referring to the wider Montclair District or the shopping area, Montclair Village, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods in the hills. The neighborhood behind and around Montclair Village is considered as "Montclair" as well. The neighborhood of Montclair consists of tree lined streets, windy and narrow roads and the homes are a mix of cottages and mid-century modern. Children who live in Montclair attend one of the three Montclair schools: Joaquin Miller, Montclair, and Thornhill. Thornhill draws from the western part of the Montclair neighborhood, around the Thornhill canyon. Montclair Elementary students live behind Montclair Village or to the section of Montclair south of the 13. Joaquin Miller students live around Shepard Canyon or in the Piedmont Pines area. Montclair is an affluent and well-to do community known for it's views, the village, schools and safe neighborhood. 

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