Mollie Conners 1Mollie E. Conners (1863–July 1, 1931) was a writer and activist in Oakland. She was an ardent supporter of women's suffrage in Alameda County. NB: her last name is sometimes written Connors; her in-laws' name Thomson is sometimes written Thompson.

For many years, she was in charge of the drawing (art) department at Oakland High School. 4

From 1895 to 1903±, she was the publisher and editor of "Oakland Saturday Night", a weekly paper. 5 In 1910, she was the society editor for the Oakland Tribune. The article about her in Davis' Commercial Encyclopedia, 1911, says "It is largely due to her talent and skill that the Tribune has come to be recognized as the most popular daily paper in the Bay cities as far as society columns are concerned. Miss Connors combines with her literary skill a rare talent and tact for eliciting the friendship and confidence of the most exclusive people in the Bay cities." 1 But tact or no, she was also known for being outspoken. In 1898 she wrote "...for such stumbling blockheads have rarely been seen as are acting in the capacity of City Fathers." 3 in reference to the city council.

Mollie never married, but mostly lived with her sister Sarah F. Conners (Thomson) and brother-in-law Arthur D. Thomson. In 1910, they lived at 107 13th Street. When Arthur and Sarah's daughter Anita Thomson (1888–June 10, 1911) died, many in Oakland and Berkeley society sent flowers, including Phoebe Hearst. Anita was buried in Saint Mary's Cemetery. 2 Arthur died a few years later, and is also buried in the family plot at Saint Mary's. Her brother John F. Conners was a postmaster of Oakland in the 1920s and wrote for the Oakland Enquirer.

Conners was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), and the Ebell Society. She was also involved in the effort to resist Oakland annexing all of Alameda County. She was also on the executive board of the Women's Good Government League (c.1912).

Death and Burial

Mollie died July 1, 1931 and is buried in the Thomson and Conners grave in Section B, Row 3 in Saint Mary's Cemetery. According to cemetery records, the following people are buried there: Josephine Conners, John Conners, Arthur Thomson, ? Conners, Margaret Conners, Anita P. Thomson, Arthur D. Thomson, Mollie E. Conners, and Herbert Conners.

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