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Dr. Minora Safford Ellis Kibbe (July 29, 1863 – March 14, 1949) was a physician and suffragist, and involved in various civic organizations.

Minora Ellis was born in 1863 in Nevada to Benjamin F. Ellis and Allis P. Ellis. By 1870, the family had moved to San Francisco.

She attended Cooper Medical College in San Francisco, the predecessor of Stanford Medicine, and also studied medicine in Heidelberg, Germany.

Ellis married George Rollo Kibbe on June 18, 1888. They had one son who was born April 18, 1906, two days after the 1906 earthquake. He was born George Davis, to Margaret Davis, who was a servant for the Kibbes; Dr. Kibbe delivered the baby and is listed as the attending physician. Margaret's husband had abandoned her soon after they married and she became pregnant. Three months after George was born, she left George with the Kibbes and went to Washington state. Some time later, she wrote to the Kibbes and gave them permission to adopt George. In June 1907 a judge approved, and George Davis became George Ellis Kibbe. 8

At some point in the 1900s, the Kibbes moved to 1805 Fruitvale Avenue.

Women got the right to vote in California in 1911, but not the U.S. as a whole until 1918. To help advance the cause, Dr. Kibbe spoke at events frequently, and ran for various political offices. She ran for Alameda County supervisor in 1914, 1 and for CA State Assembly in 1918. 2

Dr. Kibbe was a member of the Fruitvale Women's Club, the Royal Neighbors of America (an organization providing insurance for women before it was generally available), and the California Civic League. She and Ethel Moore were delegates to the annual California Civic League meeting in San Francisco in 1912. 9

She was friends with singer and composer Caro Roma, as well as her personal physician. 5 And she was president of the Joaquin Miller Club, and knew Joaquin Miller and his wife, Abigail Leland Miller. 6,7

Minora and George celebrate 50 years of marriage 3Mayor Frank Mott, Harry Anderson, Bessie Wood, Beatrice McCall, John Forest, Fred Turner, Mrs. R. C. Young, Mrs. G. H. Craword, Dr. Minora Kibbe in 1913 4

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