Raising the minimum wage is an issue in the 2014 Election

Candidate Position Source
Jean Quan Supports $12.25 A Battle for Profits
Libby Schaaf Supports $12.25 Campaign website
Dan Siegel $15.00 100 Black Men debate. Also summary and position paper
Joe Tuman Worried about how an increase would affect small business, wants more research  100 Black Men debate
Nancy Sidebotham    
Courtney Ruby "regional approach." Cannot take position on either ballot measure because of position in City Government (prepares the financial analysis for ballot measures) 100 Black Men debate
Patrick McCullough Wants to make sure business can have what they need, "regional approach" 100 Black Men debate
Bryan Parker "The proposal I am advocating is the Oakland Sustainable and Fair Compensation Act of 2014 and would increase the minimum wage in Oakland to $13 per hour by 2017." newsletter
Peter Liu    
Larry Lionel Young, Jr    
Charles Williams    
Sam (Sammuel) Washington    
Jason "Shake" Anderson    
Rebecca Kaplan $12.25 A Battle for Profits
Saied Karamooz $15/hour website



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