The Mills Act Historic Property Tax Abatement Program was unanimously passed by the Oakland City Council on December 8, 2009. After having been a pilot program for the previous two years which was open only to residential properties, the city finished the process of accessing the program. With the passage of the Mills Act the expanded program will include a few commercial properties each year, such as large buildings in Downtown Oakland, California.

The Oakland Heritage Alliance has named the City's Mills Act Program as a winner of a 2014 Partners in Preservation Award, particularly recognizing the work of Betty Marvin and JoAnn Pavlinec of the city for creating the program in Oakland. As of 2014, more than 30 historic properties have taken advantage of the program. Betty thanked past and present members of the Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board (including our own @NAParish) who review and select properties for inclusion.

OAK035026.pdf (brochure)

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