Metropolitan Golf Links is a Golf Course near the Oakland Airport. It was originally known as the Lew F. Galbraith Golf Course when it opened in 1966, named for Lew F. Galbraith who died in 1963. The course was used for dumping dredged material c.1999, then revamped and renamed in 2003.

Address: 10051 Doolittle Drive, Oakland, CA
Phone: (510) 569-5555

It has been leased by Oakland Parks and Rec from the Port of Oakland and operated by a private concession company since 1966. It is built on the site of a former Oakland Scavenger Company landfill, and is adjacent to the San Leandro water pollution control plant. 1

About 1999, the Port of Oakland used the course to dump 1.2 million cubic yards of dredged material. The course was revamped and reopened in 2003. 2 There were cost overruns, and many golfers were upset because the new greens fees were considerably higher than they had been before.

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Links and References

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