The Memorial Tabernacle Church at 58th and Telgraph in the Bushrod neighborhood has a community garden. The exact address is 514 58th Street. On Saturdays they have "hoe-downs" which are a chance to get very cheap organic vegetables. The hoe-downs run from 9:30-11:00 am on Saturdays.

Check the calendar for complete schedule, but note that the hoe-downs are subject to change due to weather, gardening activities, and volunteer participation. Please email to confirm gardening time.

Prices: * Lettuce - $2/head * Spinach - $1/bunch * Collards - $2/bag * Cabbage - $2/bag * Kale - $1/bunch * Swiss Chard - $1/bunch * Tomato Plants - $0.50 each First come, first harvest! Bring your reusable bags with you! Bring small bills or give a large donation to the cause!

This garden was installed June 2010 with the help of Victory Garden Foundation as a part of its Peoples Victory Garden program.

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