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April 25, 2013 Oakland Wiki Meeting Notes

Attendees: Ivan, Dennis, Marina

Peralta Hacienda Debrief

  • Earth Day/Cambodian New Year
  • We were set up at the front table
  • They have a space and can do an editathon
  • Made a page for a youth dance crew
  • Developed a relationship with director there
  • Also got a tour of the house
  • Next steps: we can do an editathon there. Dennis will contact them about a date and see if they'd be willing to promote as well.

Studio One as a place to engage Temescal. It's next to Temescal pool. City-owned art studio. Would be great to engage with them.

Oakland Local Column

  • First topic: "What is Oakland Wiki"
  • Make sure we have a picture
  • Outline:
    • Free website about Oakland that anyone can contribute/add to/edit
    • changing the narrative of Oakland. a platform.
    • a non-intimidating way to engage with technology and the internet. an introduction to technology and specifically a wiki technology and how different that is from the usual way people interact with technology.
    • intention is to engage the community in events that result in pages that preserve our history and community knowledge. community participation... for example: community events and the work we produced:
      • Mention peralta hacienda
      • mention a fleshed out article. maybe the murals?