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Dennis, Lani, Julio


Action items from previous meeting

  • Dennis: Follow-up with Peralta Hacienda event (see below)

Peralta Hacienda engagement

  • Dennis talked with Peralta Hacienda staff and they invited Oakland Wiki to take part of their Cambodian New Year event on April 20
  • Dennis pursuing an editathon hosted by Peralta Hacienda in the future; trying to find a good date.
  • Lani suggested we ask them if they want us to host some of the oral histories from their exhibit What I Hear I Keep: Stories from Oakland's Griots
    • We have to investigate audio capabilities first (Julio)
  • See their events page for details

Linking of Books

  • Lani brought up the legitimate concerns of using google books as the main resource for literature that we link, when we don't know how google is using our information in the cloud.  Instead, we should try to use OPL resources or other alternatives:
  • Julio explained that many of these books are only available through google books, but shares the concern. Users of Oakland Wiki should at least have a choice as to how they would like to consume this material.
  • As a compromise, we decided to create pages on Oakland Wiki about the books the we reference in places like Books on Oakland with a variety of ways to access that resource, and any and all detail OW users would like to add about the book.

Action items for next meeting

  • Dennis: Ask Peralta Hacienda staff to add a link to Oaklandwiki.org from their events page
  • Dennis: Ask Peralta Hacienda about power and Internet connectivity for the Cambodian New Year event to see if we can set up editing stations for the event April 20
  • Julio: Investigate opportunities for storing audio on Oaklandwiki.org to see if we can offer it as a way for Peralta Hacienda to store Oakland Griot's oral histories
  • Lani: Create a page for one of the Books About Oakland
  • Julio: Create a template from Lani's book entry, and inform others how to use it
  • Vicky: Register with the Library of Congress for a DMCA Agent
  • Mark/Ivan: Project Management software review
  • Marina: Update on Oakland Local status
  • Mark/Lauren will investigate what local government documents are in the public domain? and something about the Sunshine Act? and about the Freedom of Information act?
  • Ivan: MLK Cafe event
  • Vicky: Techliminal event
  • Vicky:  Bikeabout
  • Xander: Beekeeping event and content

Other Notes / Parking Lot

  • Julio: Rotate scribe responsibilities for Thursday meetings; use template