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Meeting Notes for 3/28/13 Oakland Wiki Meeting

  • Attendees: Marina, Mike, Ivan, Brian, Julio, Dennis, Anthony
  • Project Management Tools (report back from Ivan)
    • 8 out of 28 were free.
    • Best were Asana, Better Means, and Trello
    • Testing out Trello with Ivan's MLK event, contact Ivan or Julio if you want to get added to the Trello oaklandwiki project
  • Oakland Local
    • How to resolve issue of consistency of columns?
    • Template?
      • para 1: this week in oak wiki
      • para 2: neighborhood spotlight
      • para 3: oak history
  • Oral History
    • Diana has a recorder!
    • You can add suggestions for people to interview here.
    • Suggestion to interview people about their thoughts about Occupy.
  • Peralta Hacienda (Dennis)
    • Dennis emailed and called, but they haven't gotten back! Will try again.
  • MLK Cafe Event (Ivan)
    • Ivan has not yet contacted them, will do so soon

Impromptu User research:

  • How did you find it?
    • Google search related Convention Center (Civic Auditorium) don't remember exactly from where
    • Brian attempted to show how he'd found oakwiki and then once there, how he might create a page (which he has not yet done)
    • After article, went to Front Page, gravitated toward Meeting Announcement
    • Ignored banner, Featured Stories, Get Involved, went to Neighborhoods because you have an interest
    • Didn't notice Popular Topics, but would like to see it more prominent