Oakland Wiki Meeting 3/21/13

Attendees: Ivan, Marina, Vicky, Jordan, Dennis, Julio, Mike

Oakland Public Library Digitization

  • The library would be down, but they don't have any money! If we propose a project and find a source of funding and human resource, they would be down. We would want to talk to Sharon (outreach librarian) and finance librarian about what we would need. There are many grants available. We should investigate the options (ex: Internet Archive digitization program) and broach the librarians with a project plan. Also, the Friends of the Oakland History Room may be a source of funding.


Oakland Teen Summer Reading Program

  • The OPL summer teen reading program is a "passport" that they get stamps for reading particular books or visiting particular places. How can this tie in to the wiki? We could create a scavenger hunt. Passport stamp for editing the wiki? Something with plaques? Visit all the Oakland Historic Landmarks?

Peralta Hacienda

  • Dennis met the Director of Peralta Hacienda who wants to do an editathon there! YEA!!
    • Ideas: focus on Spanish-language work or history of Fruitvale/San Antonio; have a tour and do an editathon afterwards; have access to the "What I Hear, I Keep" visual and audio art installation with family and community storytellers of Oakland.

Oakland Nights Live

  • Vicky went to Oakland Nights Live which took place at Sudo. It's a variety show, etc. The next one will be hackerspace themed and they've invited us to do a skit! The next one is April 13th at Sudo! Vicky will go to their planning meeting on Wednesday.


  • Print out entries and post them around. Perhaps an occasion for another bikeabout?

Pizza Night Debrief

  • How did it go? A lot of pizza-eating, not a lot of editing.


  • The way tags currently work in relation to search is
  • "Finding Aid" to facilitate finding information. For ex, for everything tagged "Black Panthers," we create a list of related tags (ex: "Black history")

User Research

  • Who are our users? What do they want out of the wiki? We haven't done any user research.
  • Feedback page to collect data?

Oakland Local

Oakland Wiki Oral History Project