Meeting Notes 03/07

Front page discussion with Jehan:

  • Check out drafts of possible alternate front pages on Frontpage Wireframe.
  • The main banner (Fox Theater) is useless space. prefer to have a photo in the background of the top banner (ie, behind the text at the top that says oakland wiki, front page, and search bar). Would have to fix blue links above the search bar, and fix the logo to make it transparent.
  • having the featured story at the top - can this be moved lower? would prefer to have interesting articles here instead. (having a photo and a small chunk of text about an interesting article would be good, but it would have to be rotated frequently)
  • likes the idea of having neighborhoods.
  • good to have things like featured articles as rewards for power editors (ex: getting a featured article on wikipedia homepage is a big honor for an editor and a good incentive)
  • the "get involved" chunk on the right is good.
  • we should get analytics installed to track what articles people click on


Upcoming Events

  • Sun. Mar. 17: Vegan Pizza Night + Oakland Wiki Vegan/Vegetarian Edit Party!
  • Oakland Wiki retreat: March 23/24
  • Proposed Women's History Month editathon with League of Women Voters on 3/30 or 3/31?