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Mauerhan House is a house at 619 Santa Ray Avenue, built c.1908 for John Eugene Mauerhan (1873 - 1935) and his family. Mauerhan ran The Curtain Store at 400-402 - 14th and Franklin, and planned to have the interior decorated with tapestries and hangings from the store. The house was designed by A. W. Smith. 1

Mauerhan purchased the property in 1907 from Wickham Havens, Inc. 3 A building permit was granted in November 22, 1908. 2

J. Eugene died in 1935. His wife, Blanche Mauerhan, lived there until at least 1940.

In 1947, a fire destroyed a 1-story storehouse on the property, full of collectible magazines dating back to 1860. They belonged to P. J. Moran, who was back East buying more magazines. 4

According to a neighborhood resident, the home had fallen into disrepair, and c. December 2010 was badly damaged in a fire. It is now being beautifully restored.

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