Mathew de la Montanya (1835 (or 1829) -1917) was on the City Council in 1883 and 1884, and was the Oakland Fire Department Chief from 1874-1877.

De la Montanya was born in New York in 1829 and was the son of Rep. James de la Montanya of Haverstraw, NY. He ran a hardware store in Oakland at 465 11th Street.  De la Montanya came to California in 1849 or 1850. On his arrival in the Bay Area, he became involved in business, particularly the "upbuilding forces." 4,6

De la Montanya was an early chief of the Oakland Fire Department. He ordered the installation of Oakland's first fire alarm boxes. 3

In 1854  Montanya married Ellen Marion McMillan and they had 6 children , Matthew Jr, Ida, twins James & Charles, Archibald and Helen.

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