Imam Yassir Chadly has resigned from this masjid permanently . To see his last sermon and message click on this link :

Imam Yassir Chadly will be leading Jumah prayers at different locations until a new space  has been found .

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Masjid Al-Iman is a Muslim place of worship located at 5625 Shattuck Avenue.

AC Transit buses #12 and #15 stop on the block of the masjid.

It is a small storefront on Shattuck close to the Berkeley border.  It's easy to miss noticing the location if you aren't looking carefully.

The prayer area is wheelchair accessible. Entrance and prayer area are both level with outside sidewalk.

The bathrooms are up a short step from the main floor, hence a barrier in wheelchair accessibility.

This is small one-room masjid that welcomes all people including non-Muslims. It has space for 50 to 100 worshipers. There is no physical separation between men and women. Women pray behind the men. Women and Men interact here much more than in other more conservative Muslim places of worship. It is said this is one of the most diverse and welcoming congregations in the Bay Area.

Opening Hours

This is a small congregation focusing on the Sufi school of thought in Islam. As such, the Masjid is only open for the weekly Congregational Prayers, between 1 - 3 pm on Fridays only.

During the Muslim Holy fasting month of Ramadan, Masjid Al-Iman is open for extra nightly prayers opening about 90 minutes after sunset local time.

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