Mary Ellen Bamford (December 10, 1857 - May 21, 1946) was the author of numerous books, who also worked as a library assistant for many years (1906 - 1939) in the Oakland Free Library.  When Ms. Bamford started working at the Free Library, Ina Coolbrith was the librarian.

Partial bibliography of books by Mary Ellen Bamford include:

  • My Land and Water Friends (1886)
  • Thoughts of My Dumb Neighbors (1887)
  • Marie's Story: A Tale of the Days of Louis XIV (1888)
  • Up and Down the Brooks (1889)
  • Out of the Triangle and Other Stories (1890)
  • Out of the Triangle: A Story of the Far East (1898)
  • Ti: A Story of San Francisco's Chinatown (1899)
  • Denby Children at the Fair (1904)
  • The Second Year of the Look-About Club (?)

In 1914-1915 Ms. Bamford was listed as living at 1235 East 15th Street, Oakland, California. 

Mary Ellen Bamford is buried in Plot 4 of Mountain View Cemetery.

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