The Mandela median park. photo by mk30

Mandela Parkway is a major north-south median-divided street in West Oakland that was created following the collapse of the Nimitz freeway Cypress Street Viaduct on October 17, 1989 during the Loma Prieta earthquake. American Steel Studios, Brown Sugar Kitchen, and the Cypress Freeway Memorial Park are all located on Mandela Parkway and its southern end goes right into the West Oakland BART Station. Peralta Junction, a pop-up carnival, sometimes appears at Mandela and Grand.

Mandela Parkway used to be called Cypress Street.

There's a wide median going down the street that's a park. There's a sidewalk through it. It's mostly grass with some trees. Sometimes people walk their dogs here, but overall it doesn't see much use (possibly because there aren't too many trees and because you're surrounded by a large road on both sides).

The wide expanse of Mandela. This is looking south from around 30th St. (by mk30)

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