The 14th Annual Malcom X Jazz Festival will take place Saturday, May 17th, 2014. This year's festival will pay tribute to Amiri Baraka. Amiri was a great friend and key advisor to the ESAA who over the past two decades performed, led forums, taught workshops, collaborated with musicians and other artists, and even produced and directed a jazz opera at EastSide Cultural Center.

External Link

*The Last Poets
*Ms. Faye Carol (in a tribute to Abbey Lincoln)
*Howard Wiley & Excerpts from Amiri Baraka's The Sisyphus Syndrome
*Unity Grooves: EastSide Youth Jazz Workshop
*Marvin X and the Black Arts Movement

*Starchild Dance Lindy Hop Project
*Kendra Kimbrough Dance Ensemble
*Sister Linda Johnson

Also featuring:

local crafts vendors & community organizations, The Javad Jahi Soapbox stage, The Mike Dream Courts, Kid's Court for family fun, Dance Battles, Cyphers and our Food Court featuring international flavors!

*For more information and ANY inquiries regarding the festival, please contact EastSide Cultural Center directly.*

The 13th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Festival, hosted by the Eastside Arts Alliance, took place in San Antonio Park on May 18, 2013.

Who was There

Social Justice Organizations

Photo by Diana

Political Parties


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Photo by Diana

Photo by Diana

Photo by Diana


Food Vendors

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