Historic hall/rental facility (?) located at 1203 1/2 7th Street at Magnolia in West Oakland on 7th Street.


Events Hosted at the Magnolia Hall

  • May 20, 1897: Reception for the Order of Railway Conductors hosted by the Ladies Auxiliary of the same.2
  • January, 1907: Meeting of the Civic Federation to discuss the political situation in Oakland (early #oakmtg). Keynote speaker was P.S. Gillette, member of the Municipal League.1
  • January, 1907: Organizational meeting of a West Side Civic Federation (appears to be separate from above).4
  • 1910: Flor de Infancia meetings (secret society) first and third Sundays.3
  • 1915: Panama Canal Dance, sponsored by the black fraternal lodge Harmony Court No. 167
  • 1920sSnappy Cotton Club Band and Tin Can Henry Alley played regularly on Sunday nights5



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