MISSSEY or "Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth" is an Oakland-based Nonprofit.


436 14th St., Ste. 1201

Oakland, CA94612



Office:(510) 251-2070

Fax:(866) 585-7819

On Call:(510) 290-6450


Mission statement: MISSSEY "advocates and facilitates the empowerment and inner transformation of sexually exploited youth by holistically addressing their specific needs. MISSSEY collaborates to bring about systemic and community change to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and youth through raising awareness, education and policy development."

According to their website they "provides comprehensive holistic services in a safe environment to support and serve sexually exploited youth. This includes our SPA drop-in recovery center, case management, resource services, and client advocacy."

Winner of a 2013 Oaklandish Innovators Award.

Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney is very involved with/supportive of this group.

External Linkhttp://www.misssey.org/index.html