Describe MC Hammer here …

OK, let’s get it started. But <soapbox mode> I’d like to propose that we not try to reinvent the wikipedia article. Let them list all the cold, hard statistics (“Stanley Kirk Burrell was born on a Tuesday …”) — we should supply distinctive anecdotes and personal stuff, like “Man, I remember this one time he …” or whatever – unique content, in other words. OK, </soapbox mode>. Peace! - Mike

  • I like the "whatever goes" approach!! Keep Oakland Wiki intriguing for all parties! ~Vicky
  • I'd like to delve a little into Hammer's enthusiastic support of Asian American film by providing funding and/or cameos for at least two films (Better Luck Tomorrow and Finishing the Game) in spite of a questionable personal financial situation ... perhaps we could ponder why that is here. ~Julio
  • He has also been spotted handing out free grilled cheese sandwiches on a barge in the San Francisco Bay and McCovey Cove to promote Melt's food truck and grilled cheese sandwiches. ~Diana
  • has a really interesting Top 10 list. (courtesy of
  • also has a great article on MC Hammer's early interest in Social Media Secret Geek: MC Hammer -- Why Social Media Is 2 Legit 2 Quit
  • He's got tax issues.
  • spokesman for Oakland via Visit Oakland.
  • owner of Oaktown Stables