Lynn is a neighborhood of Oakland. It was originally a town called Lynn, which was annexed by the town of Brooklyn.


Although there are claims that Lynn is also known as Highland Park, according to Greenstreets, Highland Park is a separate neighborhood.  If there is evidence to the contrary, please cite the sources.

I don't know the boundaries besides my map / Greenstreets offhand, but Lynn (named after Lynn, MA, because of shoe factories) was a separate town that Brooklyn annexed. It may be possible to find a historical map of Lynn to see if it included Highland Park or what.

According to an 1878 Thompson & West map, the former town of Lynn was bordered by present-day East 31st Street on the south, 13th Avenue on the west, MacArthur Boulevard on the north, and a line extended from Palmer Avenue on the east. It was served by the Brooklyn & Fruit Vale Railroad running on what is now 14th Avenue.