Luther Burbank Elementary School (also called Burbank Elementary School) was a K-6th public school located in the Millsmont neighborhood of East Oakland and was a part of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). The school, which opened for the 1950-51 school year and was dedicated on November 15, 1950, was named after Luther Burbank, a botanist and horticulturist who made his home in Northern California.

Source: Oakland Tribune, November 16, 1950

School Facts:
Luther Burbank Elementary School was located at:
3550 64th Ave.
Oakland, CA 94605-1802

The school’s colors were Green and Yellow.

The mascot was the Beavers.

The school song was:

High Upon a hill near home, there's a school my very very own
It's name is Burbank Elementary and of all the schools in Oakland It's the only one for me
Burbank School where we study hard each day
Burbank School where we have some fun and play
Burbank school, you're the best in every way
So we give 3 cheers for Burbank School
Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!

Former Staff

Mr. Small (1960s)

Mr. Hopkins (      - 1981)
Mr. Miller (1981-1982)
Mr. Smith (1982-      )

Vice (Assistant) Principals
Hargrove, Mrs.
Howard, Mr.

Bivens, Mrs. Ann (70s, 80s)
Chapman, Mrs. (70s, 80s)

Dunn, Mrs. (60s)
George, Mr. (80s)
Green, Mrs. (70s, 80s)
Herrlich, Mr. (60s, 70s, 80s)
Hargrove, Mrs. (70s)
Hobbs, Mr. (70s, 80s)
Jeong, Mrs (80s)
Jones, Mr. (80s)

Oken, Ms, (60s)
Richardson, Mrs. Leslie (70s, 80s)
Steigerwald, Mr. (70s, 80s)
Santos, Mrs. (70s, 80s)
Spencer, Mrs.  (70s, 80s)
Tabotha (spelling?), Ms. (70s, 80s)
Tyler, Ms. (70s. 80s)

PE teacher
Blackmon, Raycell (70s)

Yee, Mrs. (70s, 80s)


School Closure
Burbank was closed by the Oakland Unified School District in 2004.

The following fall, East Oakland Community High School was opened on Burbank’s campus and was later moved to King Estates, where it was subsequently closed by OUSD.

Explore Academy, a middle school, was opened the next school year on Burbank's campus.  The OUSD School board voted in Dec 2009 to close Explore Middle School at the end of school year because of low enrollment.

In September 2010, Burbank Preschool Center was opened.

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