Love family archives

Love's Pagan Den was a gourmet Filipino Restaurant  with French influences originally run by two brothers Benjamin Love Sr. (chef) ,  Arthur  Love Jr (host and waiter) and Benjamin’s wife, Olimpia Love (hostess and bartender) from 1969 until 1995.

It first opened in 1969 at 383 - 9th Street then soon moved to a Victorian at 760 East 8th Street in 1975.  In 1988 the son of Benjamin, Alexsander Love Sr moved and expanded the restaurant with the new addition Mr. Lumpia X Filipino fast food to go on 1224 Harrison St. in the 1990 before closing permanently in 1995. The Love family now runs the Wild Ginger Inn in Hilo, Hawai'i.

In the photo starting top left: Olimpia Love (mother), Benjamin Love Sr (father), Dina Love (daughter) starting bottom left: Alexsander Love Sr (son), Czar Love (son), Benjamin Love Jr (son) who have all worked in the family business. 

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