The Long Haul Infoshop



3124 Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley CA. 94705

Contact Phone: 510-540-0751

Mon-Thurs: 6pm-9pm

Sat-Sun: 3pm-9pm

(open some Fridays)


The Long Haul is an anarchist resource center and community space. The intention is to provide a space that feels alive with people, projects, and ideas (whether in concert or conflict)–where together we negotiate a tension with society.

They provide an open space and a non-profit for a variety of projects and collectives, as well as hosting for numerous social and political events. It's intended to be a space without hierarchies or oppression. 


The infoshop is a combination of a lending library, computer room, zine making space, activist reading room, and a social gathering space. Anyone can come and browse the organization's many periodicals, zines, and pamphlets in the front office; check-out books, DVD’s, or VCR tapes from the lending library; conduct research using the Long Haul computer; produce zines in the zine making space; or simply talk with some interesting people.

But, the infoshop is primarily an information distribution center. Much of the literature, (including Long Haul's own newspaper, Slingshot), is available for free. Flyers regarding current political events and alternative news sources are always posted on the front bulletin board and are on the front desk, these come from the community so Long Haul encourages community members to post flyers on the board to help the organization stay informed.


In 2008, the Long Haul experienced a raid by UCB police and the FBI, in which all computers in the building were seized and members of the Long Haul Collective had guns pointed at them when they attempted to enter. (video footage)  In March 2012, the ACLU and EFF successfully sued the policing agencies on behalf of the Long Haul, and received a settlement of $100,000.




Past Events 


  • Sign language classes
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Spanish immersion hour
  • Garden seed swap
  • Bike repair workshops
  • Yoga and meditation 
  • Silkscreen classes
  • Zine creation workshops
  • East Bay Free School
  • Archive project