This is the planning page for outreach to the Oakland Public Library. This is based on the goals and strategies outlined in 2013 Planning Notes 2.


Notes from Meetings with Librarians

Notes from Friends of the Oakland History Room meeting (Jan. 13, 2013, after the first local history editathon, by mk30):

- be careful with google maps - many locations are inaccurate
- sunday was taxing, required backup, was a challenge, if attendance is that high, we need to think about staffing.
- possibility of events at other archives
- restaurant week - editathon connected to that.
- "what can we do as a group to help you"
- "oakland's got a lot of hearsay" - more than one source is important
- like the idea of "how to do historical research" - how to trust a source, etc
- bring ppl from wikipedia here to talk about standards, etc.
- wikipedia has excellent entries on oakland mayors. - oakwiki entry on "Great wikipedia entries about oakland"
- sourcing is a key issue - "courtesy of oakland history room"
- dennis evanovsky site:
- pamela magnussen-peddle - fruitvale and jingletown
- betty marvin - runs the oak cult heritage survey. she answers her phone. 510-238-6879 her office may be a site for an editathon.
- stuart sweidler - east bay hills project
- caltrans has an archive! :D ====>>>> entry for physical archives in the oakland area to do historical research
- ray raineri - older, martinez
- levy
- gale lombardi works with betty. specialist of piedmont. member of piedmont historical society. "she beats all of us on house research."
- discover n go fieldtrips
- urban agriculture - and breweries (rich brewery history)

Notes from Library session at City Camp (by mk30):

macarthur metro, laurel district local newspaper. dennis evanovsky will be incoming editor. oakland then and now as topic for newspaper. ex: "why is that lot vacant, was it its history."

steve at OPL does great presentation on oakland history. would he want to be videotaped?

everything in oak history room belongs to the site.

ex: files for each neighborhood would be great!

eastmont photos on flickr:

document library-produced content and displays.

programming at the library that is a training on oakwiki. demo how they can do an entry based on something they found in the library that day.

find youth group and work with a librarian to learn how to research, catalogue, and curate. help with thinking about how to tag and categorize!

what data can library contribute to open data? OCLC owns catalogue metadata. ex: library card holders by neighborhood. affects resource allocation & publicity. ex: oakland history. some available on indexes of special collections? grant 5 years ago to put some content on OAC.

digitization grants? grants help set priorities, ex: "we have a grant and we have to spend it."

friends of oak history room - $20k. use friends of oak history room. jamie turbak, sharon mckeller.

holly eggleston - california digital library. rosaline crew?

Notes from first meeting with Dorothy in summer 2012 (by mk30):

q: ongoing activities here? programming? (once or twice a year...reception last year for 20th anniversary of oakland hills fire) (talk on jessica mitford last fall) (travel series, travel writers, photogs, etc talking about how to travel and where to travel, etc.)

q: licensing?

- friends of oakland history room group, has raised money. (go via friends of oakland public library, and each section has a page)

- website update coming soon, people will control their own dept sites *when? what will it have? (no clear date for when, was supposed to go live in april). want to keep what's currently on there, want to put more photos, want to make it more visually interesting (text-heavy)

- want to digitize, less than 2% of images archived. want more images on the site *current digitization plans? (there are plans but not active, "there are dreams," we have meetings) need somewhere to put them :D

- skeptical of wikipedia, will it be edited? how to maintain accuracy.

- currently mounting a transit display. always have a display. *is there a digital presence for the display? (no, just a photo, but have it for every past display.)

- we have many clipping files for people to access on different topics: parks, schools, districts, neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, railroads, neighboring east bay cities, *how far back? what sources? - indexed, but no reference index, just have to go through files.

- this used to be the california history room, so there are things here on different counties and for ex, gold rush

- we have a photo collection, people can bring portable scanners or digital cameras. we have a photo reproduction service. *how is it organized? it's topical. index at the desk. *do you have scanners on site? no.

- part of online catalog, our part is the newspaper archive, has oakland tribune, part of intl newspaper database. this one is not available from home, part of licensing agreement.


How to get started with oakland history:

- beth bagwell, oakland the story of a city. new edition in april, 2012 (up to date from the initial edition in83 to the present)

- arcadia pictorial histories, on montclair. many good pictorial histories.

- go on walking tours. (get calendar)...*we plan to do this


things that people have done with oakland archive: *highlight this

- stuart swiedler, oakland transportation