Leona Quarry was a quarry near I-580 above Edwards Avenue. It was operated by various owners, starting with the Ransome-Crummey company in 1904 and ending with Gallagher & Burk in 2005. The quarry produced exclusively crushed rock, used for early street paving as well as construction purposes. It owed its early prosperity to the Laundry Farm electric rail line, which extended a spur to the site in 1902. The site is now Monte Vista Villas, a townhome development.

In 1931, it was the Heafey-Moore Quarry, with John Heafey, president. A 40-pound rock blasted from the quarry traveled 1/2 a mile and crashed through the roof of the Bailey family at 4017 Altamont Street. 1 Gallagher and Burk acquired the property in 1946.

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