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Lemkau's Market was a meat market / butcher shop in West Oakland from 1907 to c.1936. It was run by Henry Lemkau. From 1907 to c.1911, it was at 1466 Myrtle; from c.1913 until it closed, it was at 2030 Myrtle.

Henry Lemkau (May 10, 1874 – February 12, 1937) was born in New York *, to Heinrich Arend Wilhelm Lemkau and Sussanah Hlingemburg (Lemkau). * Note that some records indicate he was actually born in Germany, and came with his parents and older siblings from Hamburg when he was 10 months old and arrived in New York in 1875.

Lemkau married Julia A. Thomas (Lemkau) (March 17, 1878 - March 28, 1906) and they had one son, Herbert Edward Lemkau. Julia died March 28, 1906, less than a month before the 1906 Earthquake, when Herbert was two years old.

Lemkau then married Ethel Fletcher (Lemkau) (1888 – February 5, 1959) and they had two children, Virginia Lemkau (Johnson) and Norman F. Lemkau.

c.1913–1920+, the Lemkau's lived at different locations on Myrtle St. By 1930, they had moved to 4170 Fruitvale Avenue.

1913 directory listing

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