The Latham Square Bus Shelter was a distinctive AC Transit bus shelter at Latham Square. The shelter was first proposed in 1960, and the shelter was dedicated in 1961. When it opened, it even included an aviary for birds. It was designed by Oakland architect Walter Bearden and landscape architect Amedee Sourdry1

The crenelated roof is easily spotted in photos of the period; the structure filled the square from the Latham Fountain to the Cathedral Building. Some of the plantings were sponsored by the Oakland Businessmen's Garden Club and 8 Horizon Club groups.

Present at the dedication were mayor Clifford Rishell, Tribune publisher Joseph R. Knowland and editor and assistant publisher William F. Knowland, and Andre Fontes, chairman of the Parks Commission.

from February 1961 Transit Times 2

from actransit.orgfrom March 1960 Transit Times 1

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