A taco truck near Lake Merritt, on the right side of International Boulevard right before 3rd Avenue. Here.

This Sinaloa has the benefit of being very close to downtown, so if you're in that part of town and not up for biking out to the Taqueria Sinaloa on 22nd, this will do you right. They are also open very late (till when?).

You can order vegan tacos them by asking for veggie tacos without cheese or cream. They are $1.50.

When it comes to vegan and veggie tacos, this truck really wins over its nearest competitor, Mi Rancho, just a block away. Mi Rancho was the only taco truck in that area for a while, but no longer.

There are two other Taqueria Sinaloas, one on 22nd and International and another on Fruitvale Ave & East 12th St.

note: may not be there on Sundays