Lafayette Elementary School. Nov 2012. (by mk30)

Lafayette Elementary School, also called West Oakland Music Academy (WOMA), is an OUSD school located at 1700 Market St. in West Oakland. It is adjacent to Marston Campbell Park.


Lafayette School, Oakland (1889) In 1887 Lafayette School was on southwest Jefferson between 11th and 12th Street and Miss Abbie F. Aldrich was the Principal of Lafayette School, along with a staff of 13 Teachers: Miss Tillie C. Lisson, Miss Mildred J. Scott, Miss Josie Lennon, Miss Nellie Cook, Miss Mary F. Potter, Miss Elizabeth M. Sherman, Miss Anna Newcum, Mrs. Helen E. Breed, Miss Margaret Wythe, Miss Julia E. Sherman, Mrs. Marcia G. Bradbury, Miss Ida Seely, Mrs. Emma W. Anderson; and Janitor, Allen Peel.

1912 Sanborn excerpt

The current building was dedicated October 28, 1949. 2


The school's website includes a video about the school and its code of conduct. Boost! West Oakland helps tutor kids there.

Location: 1700 Market St
Phone: (510) 879-1290

Lafayette Elementary is a great school that only gives the best. I use to go to the school and from experience I can tell you the staff treats you just like family. Everyone looks out for one another and treats them right. All my brothers and sisters have gone there and we wouldn't change it for anything.

Lafayette has great teachers that give you the discipline you need and the love and care you want. The school offers a lot things from music lessons to afterschool programs and more. The principal is a great person who is always there to listen and to help or just talk to. Lafayette has 294 students from kindergarten to fifth and is still growing giving them the help and care they need . Lafayette has a great tutoring program to help the children grow in school and learn new things its a safe enviorment the kids are watched 24/7 and always have their safety in mind.

The school offers a parent center where parents can come together and discuss ways to help the school fundraise for it . They hold carnivals to raise money for the school to get supplies and books. Each year the participate in the Dr. King oratorical fest so the kids can show off their talent.

School can be overwhelming sometimes so the teachers try to do things to keep the kids minds on track for instance they go to the computer lab to do research and clear their minds, the teachers take them to the school library to check out books, and take the kids outside to blow off steam. Lafayette is a great school and I would recommend any parent to check it out to see if its right for your child.

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