[Space saved for photo of La Clede House]

La Clede House was located at 1116 Broadway, Oakland, with Charles Jurgens, proprietor listed in the 1887 Oakland Directory.  Residents included Charles Bert (manager of the Oakland Theater), Charles L. Bert (Bert & Mothersole), Antone Clecak (restaurant at 1112 Broadway), Peter Clecak (cook), Mrs. Coatey (teacher), E. Cohen (clerk), John Conners (Conners & Federspiel), Joseph Cruze (employee at Burtchaell & Crowley), S. A. Detering, J. G. Diffendorfer, James Donaldson (shipping in San Francisco), Charles E. Hendrickson (janitor at the Post Office), C. Hooley (Doody & Hooley), Charles Kennedy (employee of the SP Company), leonard W. Kennedy (importer of oils in San Francisco), Miss C. Manuel (dressmaker), G. Nielsen (porter), Thomas H. O'Rourke (upholsterer for E. Hook), Mrs. V. E. Roberts (music teacher), H. B. Sanderson (bookkeeper in San Francisco), C. G. Sawers (shipping in San Francisco), Mrs.F. L. Seeley (shorthand writer), Charles A. H. Smith (cook), John Supro (waiter), W. N. Tuller (law student), Harry Walters (salesman at Girard's Piano Store), Mrs. Belle Warren (saleslady for Mrs. E. A. Eden), Miss Lizzie Watson (dressmaker).

Charles Jurgens occupation listed as "saloon" [believe that meant he owned one or more saloons] at 409 Twelfth, and he was also a resident of La Clede House.

Note that addresses on Broadway have changed since 1887 -- 1116 Broadway is now 1226 Broadway, so the La Clede House was apparently part of the Jurgens Block on the east side of Broadway between 12th and 13th Streets.  Also note that later directories say that the Globe Hotel was located at 1118 Broadway, and it is possible that the La Clede House was simply renamed.  Here are the 1889 and 1902 Sanborn maps for the area, with the 1889 map showing the La Clede House, and the 1902  map showing the Globe Hotel: Oakland+1889,+Sheet+7_a.pdf Oakland+1902-1903vol.2,1903,+Sheet+139.pdf

Regardless, Charles Jurgens seems to have been a busy entrepreneur.  Jurgens provided housing for regular working folks from a wide variety of occupations who perhaps were single, had only one other family member living with them and/or might not have had family in the area.

[Questions: I am fascinated by these boarding houses, which were essentially shared communities of people living in one location.  Le Clede House must have been large, given the number of permanent residents living there in 1887.  So did each have their own room?  More then one room?  How many bathrooms?  One bathroom per room, or per floor?  Were the meals provided?  Only breakfast and dinner?  How was the dining room set up?  Were there shared rooms (since as a living room, parlor, etc.) on the first floor for socializing?  Did the people rent by the week, month, or year?  What were the costs?  There are so many questions ... not sure anyone today the answers, but interesting to consider.]

Bert Adams was listed as the barkeeper for C. Jurgens, with Adams lived at the Sunnyside House.

Charles Jurgens was also listed as the proprietor of the Golden Eagle House at 1311 San Pablo Avenue.  Seems to have been a boarding house, as Miss L. Braun was a resident, along with Martin Braun, bartender for F. Leonhard.  Other residents were James Gallagher and Thomas J. Moore (cigar maker),

And Charles Jurgens was also the proprietor of St. John House, located at 409-1/2 Twelfth Street.