The LaSalle Hotel, A. J. Snyder Block #1, was designed by Clinton Day in 1876, and is located at 491-497 Ninth Street, at Washington Street, Oakland, California.


Near the turn of the century The LaSalle was tenanted by the Bercovich Cigar Company (known as “The Popular Cigar Place”), real estate offices, and a saloon on the Ninth Street side. Three other buildings from the same period were situated beside The LaSalle along the Washington Street side; unfortunately, these structures were demolished before the restoration of Old Oakland began, thus disrupting the stylistic flow of this grand architecture. But the stripping of many coats of battleship-gray paint from The LaSalle in 1983 revealed the most astonishing, intricately patterned brickwork. 1

On November 9, 1982 the LaSalle Hotel was designated an Oakland Landmark, under Zoning Case #LM 82-265.


The retail level is currently home to B Restaurant, an urban dining room that provides a warm, rustic feel.  A brick patio with outside dining wraps 9th and Washington Street, providing beautiful views of Old Oakland. 1


491-497 - 9th Street, Oakland, California

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