The Key Route Inn Florist was a long-time flower business near the Key Route Inn building. It was owned and run by the same family for 83 years, starting with George Segarini. It was in business from _ to _.

  • 1928 - sponsored a baseball team in the Maxwell League, Single "A" Division.
  • 1932 - at 2124 Broadway, phone TE-7500
  • 1976 - at 2212 Broadway, phone 893-3424

Names in 1944: George Segarini and August Fillie.

In 1960, they were one of numerous sponsors of the Italian Festival. (One of the sponsors thanked by Breuner's in a full-page add in the September 18, 1960 Tribune.)

[ and other references from at least 1921 to 1977. ] [ The family still lives in Oakland; I met them at a polling place during the 11/4/2014 election. ]

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