Joseph Edy was a candy maker who moved to Oakland and opened Edy's Character Candies Shop in 1925. William Dreyer and Joseph Edy became partners in 1928, creating gourmet ice cream which was sold out of their Edy's Grand Ice Cream parlor on Grand Avenue in Oakland (some sources say the original parlor was named Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream ... both companies use 'Grand Ice Cream' in their name and claim credit).

Edy and Dreyer are credited with creating Rocky Road ice cream in 1929. The two partners ended their partnership on July 1947.

Edy was born in Missouri, and raised in Montana. In the 1910s he had a candy shop in Billings, Montana. He and his wife moved to Oakland, and in 1925 he opened a store at 721 Grand Ave. 1

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