Joseph Eli Morgan (June 22, 1888 – June 27, 1963) was a cement worker in Oakland. His sidewalk stamps with "J. E. Morgan" can be seen in various places around Oakland. He was in business from possibly as early as 1918 until 1952 or 1962.

Morgan was born in Louisiana; it's unclear when he came to Oakland. Morgan was married to Virginia (Morgan), with three children, Compton Morgan, Henry Morgan, and Isa Morgan, and living at 1652 - 14th Street until some time around 1930. The 1924 directory lists Henry also as a cement worker, and Compton as a waiter.

By 1933, Morgan was married to Ruby (Morgan), and living at 859 - 36th Street with Ruby. The 1940 census lists Ruby's children, Lloyd Hicks and Dorothey(?) Hicks, living with them.

In 1942, he was working for general contractor C. M. Teigland of Berkeley.

classified ad Oakland Tribune, 1952 (fair use)
classified ad Oakland Tribune, October 1962 (fair use)

Sidewalk stamp locations

  • Peralta Street near 9th Street
  • 4525 Shafter Avenue

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