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John Eugene Mauerhan (November 29, 1873 – March 20, 1935) was the owner of The Curtain Store in downtown Oakland. Mauerhan House at 619 Santa Ray Avenue was built for him and his family c.1908.

Mauerhan was born in 1873 in Kansas. By 1880, the family had moved to San Francisco. He married Nellie A. Ward (Mauerhan) (c.1873 – November 3, 1904), and they had one child. Nellie died in 1904 at Fabiola Hospital, leaving John Eugene with an infant. 1 In 1908, he married Blanche Willcox (Mauerhan) (1880 – 1958), 2 and they had two daughters, Jeanne Mauerhan (b. c.1910) and Sylvia Ann Mauerhan (Duncan) (June 6, 1912 – December 1983<).

Blanche was a member of the Soroptimist Club. 3 John was a member of the Rotary Club. 4

In 1918, Mauerhan was riding in a car driven by former city commissioner Harry Anderson. A tire blew out, and the car wrecked. Anderson was thrown clear, but Mauerhan was pinned under the auto. Despite his injuries, Anderson was able to lift the car enough for Mauerhan to crawl out. Mauerhan suffered a broken collar bone and other injuries. 5

John Eugene died March 20, 1935, and is buried in the Elks Plot in Mountain View Cemetery, along with Blanche, Sylvia Ann, and Sylvia Ann's husband, Leonard Duncan. (Nellie is also buried in Mountain View Cemetery).

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