Warnecke discussing design with Jaqcueline Kennedy 1

John Carl Warnecke (February 24, 1919 – April 17, 2010) was a noted architect, even more widely known than his architect father Carl Warnecke.

Warnecke worked at his father's firm, Miller and Warnecke, for a time.

John Carl Warnecke's firm designed relatively few things in Oakland; local projects include the AT&T building at 1587 Franklin St. His firm also designed the Long Lines building in New York which is owned by AT&T, but also said to include a major NSA listening post. 2

He was friends with John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, and designed Kennedy's memorial grave site at Arlington National Cemetery. 1 The original plan was for Kennedy to be buried in Massachusetts, but Warnekce suggested the Arlington site because Kennedy had found it so peaceful. 3

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