Although Captain John Commingers Ainsworth (June 6, 1822 - December 30, 1893) was a major historical figure in Oregon, he lived in Oakland for over a decade, where he and his family had a great many business dealings.

John Ainsworth was married three times, with Augusta "Josephine" Kendall, his first wife, dying 15 months after their 1844 marriage.  After moving out West in 1850 during the Gold Rush Ainsworth and Nancy "Jane" White married in 1851, and together they had George J. Ainsworth.  Jane White Ainsworth died on December 5, 1859.  His third marriage was to Sarah Frances "Fanny" Babbitt, daughter of General Edwin Babbitt in 1864.  They went on to have six children; Laura Ainsworth in 1865, Fannie “Daisy” Ainsworth on November 30, 1867, John Churchhill Ainsworth on January 4, 1870, Henry "Harry" B. Ainsworth in 1871,  Maud Ainsworth on December 1, 1874, and Belle Ainsworth in 1876.  In 1896, Mrs. J.C. Ainsworth, along with Miss Maude [Maud], Miss Belle and John C. Ainsworth, Jr. were all listed as residents at "Rose Lawn" in the Society Blue Book.

Sometime in 1881 (or 1882) Ainsworth established the Central Bank of Oakland, and he remained president of the bank until his death.

After retiring from Oregon to Oakland in 1880, Ainsworth continued his interests in banking. real estate, and other business enterprises in Oakland and throughout California.

Capt. John C. Ainsworth is buried in Mountain View Cemetery. Ainsworth, WA was named for him.

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