Here are videos and statements documenting Joe Tuman's positions.

(note: unlike other pages this is in chronological order)


Go Public Schools debate, 2010

Tuman at an OCAC Mayoral debate on 9/14/10

Campaign video on crime

Good News in Oakland talks to Tuman on public safety



Tuman on public safety at his 7/24/13 press conference announcing his run for mayor

Tuman talking about "reentry felons" at his 7/24/13 press conference

Zennie interview in December, 2013 on race

Meet Joe Tuman, 2014 campaign video

East Bay Rental Housing Association Questionnaire 2014 EBRHA Candidate Questionnaire - Joe Tuman.pdf

Green Party questionnaire joseph_tuman.pdf

MOBN Questionnaire


Oakland Tribune editorial board interview

WOBO position

GO public Schools

KALW Interview

SBNation interview on keeping the A's in Oakland

Chronicle Editorial Board interview