Title Mitzvah, the Jewish Cultural Experience
Artist(s) 1985 by artist Keith Sklar, with Brooke Fancher and Dan Fontes.
Date last seen

Feb. 16, 2014

August 27, 2011
photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland
February 16, 2014
photo CC SA-BY Our Oakland
March 8, 2015
CC SA-BY Our Oakland

This mural is on Franklin near 14th Street on the side of the Alameda County Title Insurance Company Building. Many people don't notice it because it's on the north side of the building and Franklin is one way. It features Jewish historical events and figures, including Gertrude Stein with her partner Alice B. Toklas, Harvey Milk, Henry Kissinger, and Laura Rifkin, as well as other figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. The top features the construction of the dome in the notable sanctuary of Temple Sinai, and the bottom features the outside of Temple Beth Abraham.

Unfortunately the bottom of the mural has been repeatedly tagged, and more recently painted over, so it's having to survive more than wind, rain and sun.

See Oaktown Art for more information and photos.

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