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Jason "Shake" Anderson was the Green Party's candidate for Mayor in the 2014 election. He received 990 first place votes and was eliminated in the 9th round.

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Anti-Repression press conference serving on Occupy Oakland media committee.Occupy Oakland press conference after port shutdown, and vandalism.Occupy Oakland Media Collective press conference calling for peace on the anniversary of violent destruction of Occupy Oakland encampments.Jason "Shake" Anderson as Communication Director of Liberty Hall campaign.

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Information provided by the campaign
  • Oakland native, U.S. Veteran, Artist & Community Organizer.
  • Occupy Oakland activist, media committee member; passed several proposals through #OO general assembly process. (2011)
  • Organizer of Oakland’s First Friday’s. (2012)
  • Communications Director for the successful Save The Liberty Hall campaign which raised
    375,000 dollars, that saved the West Oakland national historic landmark from Citibank foreclosure. (2013)
  • Green Party endorsed Oakland Mayoral candidate (accepts no corporate money). (2014)
  • Co-Founder of Bitcoin-Economy (Bitcoin educational site).
  • U.S. Naval Petty Officer 2nd Class

    December 1995 – June 2003 (7 years 7 months)

    Worked within a team environment to carry out a full range of printing functions.Helped design and create documents & promotional material for all naval needs.Demonstrated immediate leadership capability and excelled quickly throughout naval system.
    Received many commendations and separated with an honorable discharge.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles 
    December 2003 – June 2008 (4 years 7 months) Oakland,Ca.

    Under direction, provides service to the public in the issuance of drivers licenses, vehicle registrations 
    and occupational licenses; interprets the provision of the Vehicle Code and the regulations, policies, 
    and procedures of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) pertaining to the licensing of drivers, 
    registering of vehicles and vessels, licensing of vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and dismantlers, postlicensing services; issue driver licenses and vehicle and vessel registrations, using manual and automated systems.

Key Issues:


Public Safely 

Improving the image of Oakland.


The following information was added by the candidate's campaign.

Promises are certainties that can be fulfilled simply by power granted to the mayor. These are to be kept as a contract with the voters.

Promises to voters:

20 hours a week garbage pick up. This may be carried out by the mayor or volunteers acting on his behalf. Clean up will occur throughout Oakland in areas blighted with neglect.

Volunteer for arrest in defense of the marijuana industry, in the event of another federal raid. The mayor will practice non-violent civil disobedience towards this end.

Appoint City Administrator who is in line with platform, in letter and in spirit.

Appoint Chief of Police who is in line with platform, in letter and in spirit.

Donate entirety of mayor’s salary to technical staff for the city administrator. The technical staff will consist individuals with relevant educations (ie economics, criminology, sociology, etc). This is to highlight and raise public awareness of the Oakland charter, and it’s unique (if not flawed) balance of powers. Santana has demonstrated the charter established the city admin as chief executive, with the mayor as a figurehead, a position potentially a great power but also of possible ornamental insignificance. As this candidacy represents a contract with the public, as well as a mass movement, the candidate steps forward as an unpaid volunteer and organizer to achieve stated goals. This should run in stark contrast to other candidates, who present themselves as leaders to be trusted in a general sense to carry out abstract ambitions.

Salary through campaign and for the duration holding office will come exclusively through bitcoin.

Speak in clear, culpable language. Politicians often avoid key words such as coup, genocide, corruption, or mistake, because these words set wheels in motion, demand response. Such language is essential to the principle of transparency, and is woefully lacking in Oakland’s government.This is the principle of transparency, accessibility, and need for whistle-blowing.

”We must favor verifiable evidence over private feeling, otherwise we leave ourselves vulnerable to those who would obscure the truth.”-Dawkins

Logic and reason can be implemented to immunize ourselves from both incompetence and corruption, and is essential for transparency.


  • Support of the Green Party platform.
  • The Oakland Police Department is a national scandal with an international reputation for brutality and corruption. Even in the face of unprecedented Federal intervention, the city government exacerbates this problem relentlessly, placing both police officers and the public in greater danger. Reform is needed before expansion is rational. More police will mean greater burden on senior staff, and further damage relations with the public through the introduction of more commuter cops. If we expand the numbers and role of OPD and wait for the problem to sort themselves out, the price will be paid in lost lives.

This problem can not be resolved with a numbers game. It requires human intelligence and humane implementation. Putting ideology, theory and speculation aside, we can be certain there is a medical crisis in OPD, and it’s neglect should be a criminal matter. Since the advent of police, there has never been a scientific address of mental health impacts; which should be an OSHA concern. OPD suicides and other tragedies are consistent with other occupations with known epidemics of PTSD. Oakland is prime to be the first agency to make a scientific address of these issues.

PTSD is tragically misunderstood, and an enigma to the public. The same can be said of police work. The police are neglected, often misused, and it might be right to say abused by the the powers responsible for them. We have a moral obligation to assist them in their work, and assure their well-being. This is not being done, and it must be a first priority. In moving forward, our philosophy is quality before quantity.

  • Increase use of private security to increase public safety in high crime areas
  • Responsible gun ownership. Clarify Alameda county Sheriff’s concealed weapon policy.
  • Optimize Oakland’s infrastructure before asking for outside assistance. Quan’s legacy is one of asking for handouts. Her qualification was as an opportunistic, loophole finding, pork-barrel sniffer. Almost every speech she makes is peppered with references to Oakland as a wounded animal, pathetic, in need of charity. We deserve better. We deserve dignity. Oakland’s infrastructure (both material and workforce) is neglected in order to acquire more handouts. This is similar to the 90s Conservative strategy of defunding public schools in order to promote/necessitate the charter-school model. This gives favor to bottom line figures over material well-being for the citizens.

Optimizing current assets may sound simple, and it is… sadly, as it is the result of delinquent neglect, historic and systemic racism, and most likely red-lining. This can also be taken to grander implications, such as using the industrial kitchen in City Hall, the movie theater in the 7th St police station (movies for youths, public outreach, etc), and restoration and utilization of abandoned historic buildings (ie Liberty Hall, Key System buildings). The implication can reach as far as BART staying open 24/7 (at least on weekends to support our entertainment districts and counteract the engineered isolation of Oakland).

  • Develop exit strategy within city for the failed war on drugs.
  • Make jobs for youth a number one priority, the bottom line, whenever the opportunity arises, ie. Ban the Box movement. For all contracts and economic activity falling into the government’s purview, summer jobs (especially for youth) will be the first concern, deal maker and breaker.

Study First Friday as a model for economic stimulus, and work towards extending First Friday back down Telegraph again, Develop First Friday style event in the East. Increase private security. Oakland-First-Friday-Economic-Report.

The goals of security and prosperity are not separate. They are the same.

  • Promote bitcoin economy as a civic plus, ie bitcoin district.
  • Build coalition with mayors throughout California to put pressure on federal government job programs.
  • Address homelessness as a matter of human rights.
  • Government actions will be based on evidence, not imagination, ideology, or speculation. Sadly, this is needed. The 100 Blocks initiative is a prime example. After it was revealed the plan was based on absurd and false data, Quan and others did not flinch and continued to push for it… that is outstanding. It’s not the only, or even worst example. No legislation based purely on imagination will be passed without thorough mocking. Oakland deserves better than a lawyer’s imagination.
  • Support Community Democracy Project initiative
  • Enforce cannabis as a lowest priority crime.
  • Enforce prostitution as a lowest priority crime.
  • The Port:

—Apply a business tax formula to the Port of Oakland.

—Address environmental concerns such as toxic ballast water from China.

—Take responsibility for our role in trade-deficit/currency-manipulation.

—The future of the DAC is in the hands of the council, and while the mayor’s office can only endorse ideas and cast a tie-breaking vote. As the DAC has the potential to define Oakland’s future, the mayor will fight for /the privacy of citizens, as well as seek optimum benefit for all citizens, putting the welfare of citizens before corporate or federal interests. If the city council cannot be dissuaded from implementing the DAC, the mayor will push for the inclusion of technologies such as Eulerian Magnification, which can reduce Oakland’s infant mortality rate (which is higher than the state average), as well as improve the health and quality of life for our seniors.

  • Fight for 15 plus 5 (To raise the standard of living for all) … And extension of the Fight for 15 movement
  • Change Oakland’s image to a global city in the world economy.

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