Goodall home, courtesy Bahá’ís of the United States

The Jackson-Lake Hospital, later known as the Civic Center Hospital, was a small hospital at 1537 Jackson St. in the Lakeside neighborhood. It was opened as St. Anthony's Hospital in 1918 in the former Goodall mansion. In 1960 it was moved to 390 - 40th Street, and was in operation until 1977.


1939 adDr. Manuel M. Enos purchased the Edwin and Helen Goodall home (built in 1880) in 1918, and was the director from 1918 to at least c.1941. 4 The home was designed by Walter J. Mathews14

In 1928 4or 1932 5, St. Anthony's was renamed the Jackson-Lake Hospital. Don Williams was the manager in 1932. 5

In November, 1950, the hospital was sold to a group of osteopath doctors and renamed the Civic Center Hospital. 3 In 1954, it was granted non-profit status. 8

In 1960, the hospital was moved to a new facility at 390 - 40th Street near Shafter. E. L. Soeters was the administrator in 1967.

The hospital went bankrupt in 1977. The building was purchased by Pax Beale, who refurbished it and opened the California Surgery Center and Hospital, which specialized in care for athletes and runners in particular. 13

Other Stories and Connections

Orrilla Graves Boydston was the night superintendent at St. Anthony's for 10 years. 12

Robert Houchins was born in the hospital in 1928. 19 years later in 1947, he collapsed from a heart ailment while getting his marriage license. His marriage to Louise Schwatka was held in the hospital, with Dr. Enos and and the nurse who had delivered him in attendance at the bedside wedding. 6

In 1935, Dr. Clarence Foltz was an emergency surgeon for the hospital.

In 1950 when the hospital was sold, the new board of directors was comprised of Dr. William T. Barrows (president) Dr. J. P. Oswald, Dr. Donald H. Rutherford, Dr. David Bosworth, Dr J. Gordon Epperson, Dr. Jack Goodfellow, and Dr. Glenard E. Lahrson. 3

In 1953, the supervisor of nurses, Angela Muccia, was struck by a hit-and-run driver. She was brought to the hospital for treatment of a possible broken hip. 11

In c.1954-1955, Lida Hahn was the director of nursing services at the hospital and a member of the Soroptimist Club. 7

In 1954, the board of directors was comprised of Dr. Donald H. Rutherford (president), Dr. C. A. Parkinson, Dr. G. E. Lahrson, Dr. C. C. Childress, Dr. D. B. Percival, Dr., E. W. Ashland, and Dr. R. W. Barksdale. 8

In 1959, the board of directors elected for 1960 was comprised of Dr. Elbert W. Ashland (president), Dr. David D. Bosworth, Dr. Wesley S. Carey, Dr. Glenn A. Axtel, Dr. Thomas L. Morgan, Hans C. Buckheim, and Raymond H. Miller. 10

In 1960, Ronald Mena, Jr. was the first baby born in the new hospital, on the day it opened and they were moving patients from the old location. Ronald's parents weren't charged and were told "a first baby born on the first day a hospital opens means good luck." 9

drawing of 40th St. facility 4

The Jackson St. location is now the Jackson Lake Apartments at 1533 Jackson. At the time, the 3-story, 192-unit to be constructed was one of the largest apartment buildings in Oakland. 4

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