Describe J. W. Pearson here

* Pearson's Hardware, 4014 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, California.  James W. Pearson, or "J.W." for short started the store known as Pearson's Hardware.  The year he started the store I don't remember.  I worked there as a teenager when I was in high school.  His son in law Herb Anderson took over the store when "J.W." passed away.  I may be able to find more information by digging into my old records,  For sure the owner was named James and not John.

You are correct. Not sure which J. W. Pearson JL was looking for, but James is clearly the hardware guy. From the 1928 Polk's:

* (J.W. Pearson's Long Branch Baths - Alameda) ... maybe not the same person??

* PEARSON JOHN" W., proprietor Stanford Stable, NE cor
Railroad Av and Wood, and president Pacific Lumber
and Mill Co., office 437 Pine, S. F., dwl N s Seward nr
Willow, Oakland Point 2

* There were John W. Pearson listed in the 1928 Polk's ... not sure which is the one that owned Pearson's Hardware on Piedmont Avenue, the searched for individual.


" John W (Florence M) eng h485 Ellita av
" John W (Doris) slsmn h667 Wesley av

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