Newberry’s sign
photo from Our Oakland
[NAParish opines: I believe the JJ Newberry Building is only the portion of the former JJ Newberry store that fronts onto Broadway, also including Sweet’s Ballroom. If you look at the aerial images on Google, it is clear that it’s a different structure from the Floral Depot Building. Also, this page says the Newberry building was constructed in 1923, while this page says the Floral Depot building was constructed in 1931, and that Newberry “later” occupied a portion of the building. Unfortunately, I didn’t move to the Bay Area until ‘84, so I don’t recall this store.]

[Shopped at Newberry’s in the 1960’s, I recall that we could enter and exit through doors both on Broadway (front of the store) and also on Telegraph Avenue (rear of the store)] JL

[Based on dates, roofs and existing façades, I would hazard a guess Newberry’s had Uptown Nightclub space (to left) and went through to Broadway. When the Floral Depot was built in 1931, the matching façade was added to the Newberry’s building. This would be a good question for Betty Marvin.] -Gene

[More on the mystery — this page says that the Floral Depot building incorporated an earlier building from 1923 — the date the J.J. Newberry building was constructed, according to the page referenced above. Time to get some real info from Betty! — NAParish]

The J. J. Newberry Co. Building was home to the J. J. Newberry’s 5¢ & 10¢ Store in Uptown, occupying part of the Oakland Floral Depot Building.

[Not sure what year the store opened or closed ... anyone know the history?]


Does anyone remember this vintage store from the 1950s & 1960s?? Comfort food at the lunch counter, fun toys, delicious packaged cookies, etc. in a cool, dark interior. What more could a kid ask for??


1921–1933 Broadway & 1918–1932 Telegraph

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Newberry’s storefront, Telegraph
photo from Our Oakland