Isadora Duncan
photo from Wikimedia Commons
Angela Isadora ("Dora") Duncan (May 27, 1877 – September 14, 1927) was a pioneer in dance, often called "The Mother of Modern Dance". She died in a gruesome accident in France, when one of her signature flowing scarves became caught in the wheels and it dragged her from the car.

She was born in San Francisco, but she and her mother moved to Oakland by 1880. She was mentored by librarian Ina Coolbrith, and it has been speculated that the affections of Isadora's father for Ina Coolbrith may have led to the divorce of Isadora's parents 3. Isadora attended Cole Grammar School in West Oakland. The Wikipedia article says "Duncan did attend school but, finding it to be constricting to her individuality, she dropped out." 1 Another bio says she dropped out by the age of 10 to be self-educated at the library.Isadora and her mother lived in a boarding house at 483 - 9th Street in Old Oakland.

Isadora gave one of her first dance recitals at the First Unitarian Church. 4

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