Irot (aka “نگار”) is the street name used by an Oakland man originally from New Mexico(28 years old, as of 10/2013) who is a graffiti vandal known for his serial tagging as criminal mischief and authorized and unauthorized murals in Oakland, Eureka CA, Portland, OR and beyond. His illegal graffiti can also be found on numerous railroad (carnagenyc on Flickr) and highway transport assets, civil infrastructures (endlesscanvas) and public restroom mirrors.(in Eureka, CA, Humboldt County ref) He is a member of a graffiti crew CHE. You can recognize his work by the moniker IROT and crew tag CHE in various styles. His work is frequently, but not always accompanied by birds with the long heads and long beaks. 

  • Between July 1st 2015 and March 18th, 2016,  IROT vandalized the side of a building highly visible to transit rail at 2855 SE 15th Ave in Portland, OR July 2015 March 2016 
  • Between July 1st 2015 and March 22nd 2016 , IROT vandalized the highway facing wall at 2034 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland, OR. This building is fairly regularly maintained, so it is more likely the vandalized occurred closer towards the end. 

  • Between July 1st 2016 and October 12th, 2016, IROT vandalized the side of a building facing a major highway located at 4465 NW Yeon Ave in Portland, OR 1,2

He had a solo show through February 28th, 2014 at LeQuiVive Gallery Gallery which was featured at Art Enthusiast.  He was not always granted permission. Responding to what he would do if he was refused permission, IROT  was quoted “It’s almost like if you don’t want me to do it, then I’ll just do it when you’re asleep,” Extortion or art: Oakland grapples with graffiti” in the Oakland Tribune in 2013. 

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